Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lunchbox 69: Sick Lunch

Lunchbox 69: Sick Lunch by ficbot
Lunchbox 69: Sick Lunch, a photo by ficbot on Flickr.

The boyfriend has been sick for the last two weeks, and is just getting back into regular food. He asked for the plainest plain lunch I could manage, and here it is: plain white bread, jam on the side and a few raisins.

Two notes about this lunch :) First of all, I want to thank Kelly from Easy Lunchboxes for sending me the easy lunchbox dippers. As you can see, they fit perfectly in the medium compartment (up to four of them will fit in the main compartment too) and are perfect for a spoonful of jam. The boy is not always gentle with the lunchbag and has complained before about me packing liquidy things, so I appreciated being able to pop a lid on these.

Also, the white bread. I had no idea how hard it would be to find plain white bread! All the bread these days is fortified and enriched and so on, and all I wanted was plain. It took forever to find some!

I am glad he is on the mend. I hope he remembers to eat his boring lunch tomorrow; he needs to get his energy back!