Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lunchbox 60: Indian Freezer Meal

An Easy Lunchbox Freezer Meal by ficbot
An Easy Lunchbox Freezer Meal, a photo by ficbot on Flickr.

My new apartment has a standalone freezer, which has long been a dream of mine. I dislike cooking and the idea of cooking in a batch and having it for later appeals to me a lot. So, to make use of the freezer (and my surplus of easy lunchbox containers!) here is my first freezer meal: brown rice, canned lentil Dal, frozen broccoli and frozen mango. To serve, just pop out the mango, reheat, pop the mango back in and away you go---protein, grains, veggies and desert. One can of Dal, some Minute rice and a few freezer staples game me four meals.

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