Friday, March 4, 2011

Round-Up: Vegetarian Lunchboxes

Time for a little diet tune-up :) I've been slacking lately on nutrition, and it's showing. Too much wheat, which ruins my skin and makes me crave sugar; too much convenience food and too many things I should not be eating. I have a few weeks off in March and want to recommit to the kind of eating that's best for me, so I'll be going back to a mostly vegan diet (I say 'mostly' because I don't read every label for minute traces) and spending some of my holiday experimenting with new cooking ideas. For a little inspiration before I get started, here is a recap of the vegetarian lunchboxes I have posted so far:
All of my lunchboxes from here on will be vegan-based. The odd convenience item may have traces of egg or dairy---I am not super-strict with label-reading on those because I am already so restricted due to my food intolerances that super-strictness would be too difficult. But that aside, I want to try Neal Barnard's healthy kickstart plan (low-fat, no oil, no meat or dairy) and see how I do. I'll keep you posted!

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