Saturday, February 5, 2011

Answer to a Burning Question

A few people have written/commented to ask me about how I am handling hot and cold foods in the same lunchbox. The answer is, I have a microwave at work :) Usually, I pack two fruits in the side compartments and eat one for a morning snack, so come lunchtime it's only the main dish and one side item. It's pretty easy to just scoop out the side item while I heat the lunchbox!

If it's something like soup, the answer is that I don't pack it in the lunchbox. I find soup too messy and spill-prone for that type of container, so I pack it separately and use the main dish spot for my afternoon snack. You could use a thermos if you don't have microwave access; I have a ton of students who bring thermoses at lunchtime.

I do wish that the Easy Lunchbox people made a liner you could use for that one big square, so you could microwave a main dish and still have your little side items. I tried using the laptop lunch bento buddies square, but it was too high to fit. I also wish they made separate snack containers for easy packing---the kids at my school have both a morning and afternoon snack, and there would be no way to get all that in one Easy Lunchbox. On a typical day, I find I can get by with the ELB and one other container---either a soup container (and my afternoon snack goes in the lunchbox) or a snack container (and my lunch goes in the lunchbox). But I have yet to find a one-container-for-everything solution.

The minor inconvenience of having to pull out the grapes before I heat my lunch is better than the major inconvenience of having everything in separate containers and having to wash all those tupperwares and lids!

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  1. I pack two easylunchboxes for my kids everyday. One for snack and one for lunch. They both fit easily into the bag.