Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update: New Name, New URL, New Focus!

I have some exciting news! I have moved this blog to a new URL so that I can tweak its focus a little to participate in a very cool project: Make Something 365. I recently read the blog (and book!) by Noah Scalin in which he inspires people to explore their creativity and make positive changes in their lives by making something every day. So, I am joining in and will be making a new lunchbox every day for the next year! Why am I doing this?

1) I am having great success with Weight Watchers right now and really want to compile a repertoire of acceptable meal ideas that will help me stay on plan.

2) I have developed an aversion to cooking and have been eating too many processed foods. I want to challenge myself to break this aversion and learn how to be a better cook.

3) I also want to do better by the environment by not eating so many packaged foods and learning to enjoy foods in their more natural state.

4) I am bored with everything I am eating, and really need to find some new ideas so that I can enjoy my meals more and not go off program.

5) I wanted a creative and fun project that was not just for the heck of it but would actually be useful and constructive for me.

6) I have food allergies which limit my eating choices sometimes and I am always in search of creative ideas to overcome them.

So, what are the rules?

Every day, I'll post a lunchbox---a different lunchbox! I can re-use individual components (e.g. grapes as a side dish) but the lunchbox as a whole must be different.

I don't have to necessarily eat the meal at lunchtime, but as long as it's packed or served in a lunch container, it counts!

All of the meals posted will also be under 400 calories (and under 10 PointsPlus points, for thise following Weight Watchers like me).

I will be starting out with my Easy Lunchbox, which I love and use daily. But I do have other gear I may pull out from time to time, and as the year progresses, I may experiment with other containers. I'll leave my pre-project pics up here just for reference. But the counting to 365 starts today, as of January 25! Stay tuned for my first lunchbox, later tonight.

And if you have any good lunchbox ideas which are free of nuts, wheat, corn, flax or tree nuts---post a comment. I have 365 lunches to think of!


  1. I have a logistical question for you. It looks like part of the meals would or could be served warm and the other parts are meant to be cold (fruit), are you putting the food warm into the container or heating it up or eating it at room temperature?
    I am so excited to follow the blog and see all of the great stuff you come up with. Super excited because I just started weight watchers too!

  2. I have a microwave at work, so I take out the cold stuff and heat the lunchbox. Sometimes, I eat the fruit for snacks before lunch so the box is not always full at lunchtime. Soups, I pack in a separate thermos.