Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunchbox 3: Chickpea Stew

Lunchbox 3: Chickpea Stew
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This was today's school lunch, minus the chocolate which I added when I brought this home for dinner--- I've been sick and had no appetite, so I was way under points and feeling sorry for myself to boot :) It's chickpea and vegetable stew on a bed of quinoa, with steamed cauliflower and a little treat! About 10 points minus the candy, for those who are tracking.

As a teacher, I can get the school lunch at a discount so I sometimes buy one and bring it home. I am not as fond of this year's menu---a lot of pasta and sandwich-based entrees, which I can't do, and fish once a week to boot---but the provider we use is all healthy/organic and when I like the offering, I usually buy it.

Packed in my Easy Lunchbox

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