Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunchbox 2: Lentil Soup

Lunchbox 2: Lentil Soup
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My second lunch! This is an old standby for me: canned lentil soup with frozen potato cubes, frozen peach slices, green grapes and for afternoon snack, ryvita crackers and a soy cheese slice. I'll take the soup on the side and let the crackers have the big slot when I pack the lunchbox. I may take a side container with an extra fruit serving to go with the crackers. For the points-counters, this lunch is about 8 points, minus the cheese and crackers.

I know this is a very processed lunch; I do use a canned soup that is pretty natural as far as those sorts of things go, and of course I am trying to reduce my reliance on these foods with this project. But frozen fruit is a reality for me. I have oral allergy syndrome, which means I can have allergic reactions to fruits with pits because I have a tree nut allergy. However, cooking or processing the fruits eliminates this danger. So I do eat canned or frozen fruit more than some people do, and that is likely to continue.

Packed in my Easy Lunchbox

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